ALTARS - From People to People

Solo exhibition at Jinny Gallery - Tokyo (JP)

20th October - 11th November 2023


"Altars - From people to people” is a site-specific exhibition prepared by multimedia artist Sante Visioni. Utilizing the unique setup offered by Jinny Gallery, the artist decided to transform each available space of the exhibition into an altar-like display. The exhibition aims at becoming a public celebration of people, where the artist acts just as a facilitator of the connection between those who want to honor somebody and those who will pay respect to them.

In fact, all of the artworks on display pay tribute to specific people, whose names were suggested to the artist through an open call on social media. The initial goal was to collect 42 tributes (one for each space available at Jinny Gallery), but the response was overwhelming and requests to be part of the project far outnumbered that of the initial plan. Paired with the names, the artist received various kinds of messages: confidences, soft asks for redemption, and testimonies to those who have passed away. After some deeper consideration , the artist didn’t feel right leaving anyone behind and therefore decided to amend his initial idea to include all the submissions received. 

By placing the artworks with the names written on them publicly in the street, the exhibition is transformed into an honorary project. By having some altars ‘shared’ between two or more people, the project becomes a communal celebration, closing its own loop and connecting people with people.