Tokyo American Club

In April 2024, Sante Visioni was invited by Tokyo American Club to curate the spaces of 51 East, the members' restaurants of the club.
The artist decided to install 4 major pieces, a large one on the main wall of the restaurant and 3 of medium size on the opposite side. For the remaining areas, the additional smaller artworks were selected. 
The artist was also featured in the magazine INTOUCH with a dedicated interview. 

The American Club and 51 East are pleased to host a selection of artworks from Italian artist Sante Visioni. Ranging from 2020 to 2024, all the works on display have been created by the Italian artist during his tenure in Japan and displayed in his solo exhibitions in Tokyo.
Sante Visioni’s eclectic style and vibrant colors come to life in full force in the main piece displayed (‘Cry Me a River’ – 2022), whose magnetic figure fiercely stands in between different frame of minds, capturing a timeless moment and providing the viewer with a deep sense of acquiescence.
The artist’s signature aesthetic is also clearly visible in the other 3 pieces featured in 51 East (‘ONE’ – 2022, ‘TWO’ – 2022, ‘FIVE’ – 2022). Coming all from his last solo show ‘DECADE – I was fine before you came’ (Gallery Ether, Nishiazabu, 2023), the triptych is the outcome of the artist’s reflection on his own personal experiences of the last ten years and the vast range of emotions and sensations experienced in modern romance. The result is a dialogue between the past and present that invites the viewer to consider if the passing of time can modify the perception of a feeling, or if anything has really changed at all.
Finally, the 3 small sized pieces on display (‘Rollercoaster’ - 2020, ‘The Cross II’ – 2020, ‘Kanazawa’ – 2020), coming from an older period compared to the others, testify the consistency of the body of work of the artist; as they show how the unique style captured by Sante Visioni – touching neo expressionism, graffiti and pop art - remains clearly visible while progressing and evolving throughout the years.