Molon Labe - an audiovisual journey towards the Dream

Solo exhibition at Marineterrein - Amsterdam (NL)

17th November - 1st December 2018

"Molon Labe | an audio-visual journey towards the Dream” featured 12 artworks representing the journey we all undertake to chase our dream. Each painting came with a specific audio section to convey the feelings associated to each step of the journey. In particular, I worked with Garnett to record 12 audio tracks with spoken words evoking sensations related to the paintings. An audio headset was placed next to each painting in the location so that spectators could have full experience live.

Molon Labe (Ancient Greek: μολὼν λαβέ) literally means "come and take [it]" and it is the defiant expression used by Leonidas I of Sparta during the Battle of Thermopylae to explain his desire to not surrender. The same desire is what fires each of us pursuing our own dream. Because no dream comes true without determination, dedication and passion.

The production of the event was made possible by Arjan Wedekind and Attic 61, who helped develop the concept in an unconventional location in Amsterdam (a former firing range).

Sante Visioni - Molon Labe - Opening Recap from Sante Visioni on Vimeo.