DECADE - I was fine before you came.

Solo exhibition at Gallery Ether - Tokyo (JP)

11th March - 1st April 2023

GALLERY ETHER is excited to announce “DECADE: I was fine before you came.” an all new solo-exhibition from Tokyo-based multi disciplinary Italian artist Sante Visioni, to be held from Saturday, February 11th through Friday, March 3rd.
In “DECADE: I was fine before you came.” Sante Visioni reflects on his own personal experiences of the last ten years to explore the vast range of emotions and sensations experienced in modern romance, and the seemingly inevitable periods of disillusionment that punctuate those experiences. Revisiting the sorrows and disenchantments he first experienced as a young adult, he melds the DIY punk aesthetics of his early poster street art and the live painting projects produced during his time as a member of Italian punk band DPG with the vivid yet crude expressionist overtones of his current painting practice. The result is a series of works that scream out the feelings that would otherwise be kept inside. Like punk rock songs, the pieces are reduced to the bone, revealing the underlying discouragement and, most of all, anger that stems from the ‘back and forth’ process of self-discovery. By taking inspiration from and reinterpreting the punk days of his youth, which by definition can never be the same as they were, Sante Visioni is able to create a dialogue between the past and present that invites the viewer to consider if the passing of time can modify the perception of a feeling, or if anything has really changed at all.

Sante Visioni - DECADE - Opening recap from Sante Visioni on Vimeo.