Shu Uemura

June 2019 - Tokyo

I was invited by Shu Uemura as inspirational guest for their Certified Make Up Artists Seminar in Tokyo. During 2 separate sessions I had the chance to create a couple of original artworks and share some thoughts about my artistic research, inspiration and creative process. 

I got to know the story behind the brand thanks to the Master  Uchiide (@uchiideafb), who walked me through the different signature “modes” that made the brand internationally recognized throughout the years. Among the collection, I then picked up those modes whose stories inspired me the most, and I used them to drive the creation of my artworks. I worked next door to the classroom, so all the seminar’s attendees were able to check the progression of the piece throughout the day.

Finally, I had a Q&A session with the group: about 30 selected MUAs from all Asia (Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Macau). I shared my story and personal advice on artistic development.

Sante Visioni X Shu Uemura from Sante Visioni on Vimeo.